About | Bully Bar Concept
We are committed to making the easy things easy, and the hard things possible

Original cocktails, specialty coffee, satisfying brunch menus, mouthwatering refreshments. All made available for your events, without any compromise, even in the smallest ways. We have proven that being on the go is not an excuse to come to terms with lower standards, as you absolutely deserve the best for that special day.



Constantinos Sofronis


Charoula Baltsogia



The Bully Bar is a 1971 Volkswagen T2, which has been transformed into an ergonomic cocktail bar, after being fully restored, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of your events.

The Bully Bar is one of the few truly retro vans. During its construction, we respected the history of the vehicle and chose not to add any unnecessary elements, such as LED colored lighting, screens or anything that does not match its retro aesthetics. Instead of screens, we chose to install a blackboard that is drawn exclusively for your event by our professional illustrator, specialized in lettering.

In addition, the van is fully inspected and maintained twice a year. We are proud to own the most reliable cocktail van in Greece. We can guarantee that we will arrive at your event, which is generally not a given for a 70's vehicle.

The main element of our service, however, is the quality of our products, which is by far our greatest concern.


Our standard way of doing business is based on an effort to make our events more sustainable.

Ever since our establishment as an event service provider, we have been making decisions that reduce the environmental impact of our business.

The restoration process of the van was based on the philosophy "less is more". The result was a mobile bar with significantly low energy requirements and a finely tuned engine to the minimum possible emissions. Our choice of materials is key to our effort to create events of low environmental impact. By choosing biodegradable, recyclable or recycled consumables, and by composting our organic waste we make the best of our efforts to reduce our discarded materials to the least possible volume.

When making decisions on our vendors, sustainability is again on the top of our minds. By choosing local suppliers we aim at minimizing our transportation carbon footprint. In addition we plan our events carefully, so that we can travel only with our Van Bar without any support vehicles. Finally, when choosing a venue or any other business partner, we take our decision basis on their approach on the sustainability agenda.

Our goal is to be able to provide standard waste reports on every event to our clients by 2025, so that our partners can have an understanding of the exact amount of the waste produced, recycled and composted during their event. Today we can provide sustainable event west management services upon request.